Sunday, November 14, 2010

'Essential Music'

Host Ann DeLisi had an interesting interview with Detroit's "Gentleman of the Blues", Johnnie Bassett, yesterday on her "Essential Music" show on WDET (101.9-FM). She asked Johnnie if he ever heard a blues solo that he'll never forget, and he related seeing the late Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, a smoking multi-instrumentalist from Texas who played guitar, fiddle, mandolin, harmonica and drums.
Bassett, 75, recalled a show in Nashville when Brown would have been in his mid- to late-70s, only a couple of years older than Bassett is now.
"That old man was incredible. I watched him in amazement. 'How do you do that at that age?'," Bassett said. "He was incredible, this man was a musical genius. He could sing and he could play guitar and violin equal. He was just amazing."
When asked about young guitar pickers he's been impressed with, Bassett mentioned Detroit's own Brett Lucas,  who first became known backing up standout vocalist Thornetta Davis. For more on Lucas' 2009 solo release "Second Avenue Crush," click

DeLisi also talked to Bassett about his involvement in the upcoming film "The Black Dove."

You can hear DeLisi's entire interview with Bassett on the station's archive at the website
Navigate to the Nov. 13 "Essential Music" show. Download and click to the 58:45 marker.Enjoy!

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