Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Little Jr. Cannaday ailing

Mike Boulan, president of the Detroit Blues Society, shares the sad news that Detroit blues legend Little Jr. Cannaday has terminal cancer of the brain and is at home in the hospice program. Boulan said doctors have given him four months to live. He would love to hear from his many friends and fans. Send him a card via his address at 5500 McClellan, Apt. 214, Detroit MI 48213. Cannaday first arrived on the Detroit blues scene in the early 1950s and performed at the 1973 Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival. Recently, Cannaday contributed the fine song "What Did I Do So Bad" to the benefit CD "Blues for Katrina and the McDowell Family" on No Cover Productions that won the Detroit Music Award for best blues/R&B recording of the year in 2007. Cannaday and his wife Lee celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary last month.
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  1. Thank you for posting this Joe. We lost Junior today, May 18th. Rest in peace Mr. Cannaday.