Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pazman recalls Motor City Blues Project as 'magic time'

When Mark Pasman thinks back on his 26-plus year run as host of the Motor City Blues Project radio show on WCSX-FM (94.7), his thoughts go immediately to when he hosted live remote broadcasts from the now defunct Memphis Smoke nightclub in Royal Oak.
Mark "Pazman" Pasman
“The best musicians in Detroit were in the house band,” said Pasman, who’s more commonly recognized as “Pazman.”  I would have guest artists, and conduct interviews while jamming on my guitar.  And it was all live on the radio. Nobody does that anymore.
“It was magic time.”
Pasman’s long run at WCSX ended last week when the Greater Media station “decided to go in a different direction on the weekends,” according to a statement. His 7 p.m.-midnight shift Sunday will be filled by Pam Rossi (host of the Sunday morning “Over Easy” show).
Pasman thoroughly enjoyed his lengthy run on the air on Sunday evenings and is thankful  for the opportunity provided by Greater Media.
“I got to talk with with B.B. King, Taj Mahal, John Mayall and Tommy Castro, the blues stars of yesterday and today. I got to jam with some of my heroes, Kim Simmonds, Jimmy McCarty, etc.
“It’s been a great, long run and I am very appreciative of the opportunity to do it, but it’s their baby. They are in charge of what goes on the air. I’m not in their plans anymore and that’s OK.”
Pasman is disappointed that the Motor City Blues Project will no longer be a part of the Detroit music scene, providing fans with information and local blues artists an opportunity to showcase their music.
But, he really only has one regret.
“I would have loved to have had a chance to say goodbye properly. That last show would have been off the hook.  I would have talked to B.B. King on the telephone and had the Howling Diablos and Mitch Ryder in the studio.
“It would have been a good ratings booster, I assume, that Sunday night. … I would have loved to have had one final show to do it properly.”
Pasman, who is well known as a guitarist with his Pazman’s Supersession band, held many jobs at WRIF and then WCSX, including morning show producer and program director.
His Motor City Blues Project came to fruition a year or so after he started at WCSX.
“They wanted me to do a show that concentrated on the roots of classic rock: jazz, folk and blues. I told them that, even with three hours, that was a pretty wide swath and that my love and expertise was more in the blues realm.
“It took awhile to develop ‘anything blue will do.’ That was not only our slogan but my mantra. Anything that came from the blues was in our ballpark and important.”
Pasman has received lots of support from friends, fans and musicians as he and his wife Karen take a little time to mull over future possibilities.
“I have been really kind of astounded at the reactions I’ve gotten in the community and in the business,” said Pasman, a Southfield resident who grew up in Oak Park and graduated from Berkley High School. “My phone’s been ringing pretty good. I’ve gotten lots of beautiful phone calls. So it’s both a sad and happy time.

“The love I’ve gotten the last few days has just been remarkable,” he continued, choking back tears.  “It confirms that my Mom and Dad raised me right, that I have conducted myself in a professional manner, and that I’ve been good to people. l tried to do the very best I could at all the stations I’ve worked at.”

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  1. My Sunday night rituals are like my gravy-smothered venison...DONE! I wondered where the MCBP went, so now i've found out...dam. THIS is why I'll NEVER listen 2 radio the same again; it sucks. Just 4 that, i reFUSE 2 give up my record/tape/CD collection & YouTube is so awesome! Thanx paz 4 making my Sundays something 2 look 4werd2 capping my weekend perfectly so remember: big & brighter days always come from the most darkest nights as u continue keeping the faith, much luv bro!

  2. Mark "The Paz Man" hired me at WCSX a number of years ago and he is a stellar guy! One of the finest, your mom and dad did raise you right! Start thinking satellite or an internet radio station. The following is already there Mark! Your fans will follow:-)